Ride for Alabama is a coalition of organizations committed to bringing ridesharing to the entire state of Alabama. We believe this comprehensive statewide legislation will bring more jobs and safer roadways to every community. Sign up to show your support to help bring ridesharing to all of Alabama.

Ridesharing Works For Everyone

Creating Job Opportunities

For those looking for part-time or full-time work, ridesharing is a viable option. As a driver of one or more ridesharing services, you’ll be able to make money (and make your own schedule) from the convenience of your own car. Additionally, ridesharing helps those without their own vehicle find job opportunities. Lack of transportation is no longer an excuse for seeking out the career you want.

Keeping Our Streets Safe

Numerous studies have shown that implementing ridesharing in any given city leads to fewer DUIs and DWIs, as well as fewer disorderly conduct arrests. Thanks to thorough background checks on all drivers and safety features like GPS tracking, two-way rating systems, and emergency response lines, riders can feel safe and secure when ridesharing.

Boosting Local Economies

It may seem like a small piece of the puzzle, but ridesharing can have a tremendous impact on local and state economies. Rideshare reports indicate riders across the country generate millions in annual commercial spending. And thanks to ridesharing, individuals report going to more local bars and restaurants, going out more often, and staying out longer.

Who Are We

Ride For Alabama was commissioned by a team of statewide organizations in an effort to bring ridesharing companies like Lyft and Uber to every city in the state. Ridesharing is a genuine catalyst for providing job opportunities, safer streets, and economic benefits to every community in the state.

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